Rei, now submerged in the stream up to her shoulders, is unwinding the wrappings around her chest. We can see a few puncture marks that are bleeding openly. Min Hua is trying to subtly watch while she roots around Rei's bag for the requested bandage roll.

Min Hua: So. For something that happened a month ago, that still looks pretty fresh to me.

Rei has crossed her arms over a rock and has aligned herself so that the current is pushing against her back. She is also holding onto her old bandage to let it "rinse out". Min Hua nervously scratches at her leg with her foot as she continues to probe.

Min Hua: How do you even get marks like that? It looks kinda like someone...

Rei looks up to Min Hua with an enthusiastic smile.

Rei: Like someone tried to rip out my spine right?

Min Hua's eyes go wide as her discomfort hits an all time high.

Rei: (off panel) 'cause that's how it happened. It's a pretty cool story.

Published On: November 23, 2015

Uncomfortable Enthusiasm

Yeah... cool...

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