Min Hua, reassured, reaches for the bandage roll.

Min Hua: How about you get out of the water. We'll go home and I'll patch you up before you train with Grandfather. If this is all you've been using, it's a miracle that you didn't get that infected.

Min turns and gets an eye-full of Rei coming out of the water.

Min Hua: If you and your Dad need help with dinner after, I could... uhh... I could... help.

Min holds up the bandage roll while trying not to look at Rei because she has started blushing. Rei obliviously grabs it and picks up her shoes.

Rei: That's nice of you, but don't worry about it. About dinner anyway. Some fresh bandages would be great.

Min stares at the clouds as Rei continues to collect her things off camera.

Rei: (off panel) Maybe if I'm lucky, your grandpa will go easy enough on me that it won't open again, eh? ... crud, I didn't bring a towel!

Published On: November 26, 2015

… And Then There’s That.

Min Hua's troubles are legion.

5 thoughts on “… And Then There’s That.

  1. “Oh, so the carpet does match the drapes.”

    1. Zar Kane the Wookie

      I’m thinking its more of a ‘she’s distracted by Rei’s chest’ thing. Remember the way Rei was wrapping her wound and chest? that would make her bust look smaller than it really is.

      1. Ryan Gindlesperger

        Actually, you’re both right.
        There’s a lot to take in, there.

        1. All-Purpose Guru


  2. Min Hua is adorable when she’s blushing.

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