Published On: February 1, 2017

That Escalated Quickly I

To be fair, you're not that bulky yourself Ash.

4 thoughts on “That Escalated Quickly I

  1. Brining a Lightsaber switchblade – surely that counts as cheating for a fistfight!

    I’m guessing that the entity is trying to force some sort of a formative trigger event in out heroine here?

    1. Workin’ under a no-spoiler gag order here, but I 100% agree… that was a dick move.

  2. *Bringing; *our heroine – really should proofread before I hit post. Darn healthy decaff early morning coffee. :/

  3. Ash is pretty much 100% scrawn but she’s still more than willing to trade punches with this dude. I *like* this girl.

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