Published On: December 21, 2016

Now with Special Guest…

Derrick Franklin, everybody! You're right to be confused, Ash.

3 thoughts on “Now with Special Guest…

  1. Gotta love those holiday splashes!

    And all the perks that come with ’em…~

  2. Read through the entire archives in one go… HOW DID I JUST FIND THIS COMIC NOW? I love it so far, I love the art, the story, the humor, the drama. This is 10/10 so far and I have been hooked on online comics since 2002 when a friend introduce me to them. I love this and can’t wait for the next comic.

    1. Really glad you’re enjoying it!
      All of the Min Hua arc was originally posted on DeviantART. We only started this site a month or two back. Also, you totally just made my day!

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