Published On: November 30, 2016

A Little Overwhelmed

Sarah can only handle so much public flirtation before bailing. Also, a suitor appears?

3 thoughts on “A Little Overwhelmed

  1. Good news is the story looks interesting!
    Bad news is I read all of it in one day, and now have to wait for the next update!
    And what the heck does the prologue have to do with the main story? (Besides the yuri aspects in both.)

    1. We’re really glad you’re enjoying it! I really wish I could up the update rate, but for the time being once a week is all I’m able to manage.
      This is a pretty long story that will cover a fairly lengthy amount of time. Min Hua, Rei, Xiu Mei and the others will be back in a fairly hefty way in the future. Check the figure on the right on the top of

      1. I feel the figure on the middle-left has cheek bones similar to Rei’s adoptive father. But that’s just a theory. Much like my wild speculation that he is actually an ancient warrior spirit, centuries old.

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