Published On: January 18, 2017

Turn For the Worst

Things just went from weird to straight up creepy.
Ohayocon was pretty wild. Definitely busy! I had some great commission work thrown my way. I tossed up one of those on the Instagram. I also had a life-changing moment that took me from trainwreck mode to more of an "I'mma conquer the world" mindset. I was handed some killer art of my girls from someone I didn't previously know and didn't pay for. How energized did I get? Well... I started the base-sketching for this page on the way home and here it is completed at 11:00PM Tuesday night~ I'm totally gonna make a fanart page to post this stuff on. Its seriously SO good. I made it my phone's lock/home screen xD Alright. I'm sleepy. G'night! :D

2 thoughts on “Turn For the Worst

  1. They’re totally gonna ask her about DnD. Calling it.

    Also hoping I didn’t time my request for the writing thing too badly! I should’ve known you were at a convention AND I’m glad people are out there that wanna see you two and this comic continue to rise like the phoenixes you are. WHOOP WHOOP!

    1. No worries on the commission thing, m’man!
      I’m already 1,200 words in xD

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