Published On: January 6, 2019

Always a Lot to Say

All that time away, and we still barely get this put up in time. Ari and I caught some serious con-plague after Ohayocon. We're still fighting it off. Fingers crossed that we're able to keep things rolling until the end of Conflict of Interests. We're not that far off, really! Thanks for sticking with us <3 Oh, and the placeholder that was up for way too many weeks can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Always a Lot to Say

  1. As they say, “Your Life is what happens to you while you are mKing other plans.” Who knows better than I?

  2. I miss my Min Hua.

  3. Once she gets a little more comfortable (not close, but comfortable) she needs to talk to Andrew about it too. Not really fair for Ash to be giving him chances when she’s already in a relationship with Sare. Kinda feels… …squicky, like someone’s cheating on someone else.

    I mean, effectively, Andrew is being Ash’s beard here. Maybe he’s OK with it, maybe not– I have friends in that situation that are totally ok with it (and have done it for YEARS, to the point that they are married) but he should be informed as to what’s up because it would be pretty easy for Andrew to fall for Ash, especially with the level of experience he has with girls at this point. (Boy’s gotta level up a couple times before the feels stop getting in the way.)

    Ye GODS that’s a run on sentence.

  4. Welcome back! Sorry to hear you got so sick. 🙁
    And Yay! Communication prompted. I’m a bit confused about the timeline though; is this before or after The Incident? I think it’s before… need to do a re-read.

  5. Hmmm, sounds like Jackie’s not so good at communicating either. Sounds like the quartet has gone through some rough times themselves.

    Like mother like daughter, indeed.

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