Published On: January 29, 2019

Quite the Assumption

Going that extra mile for a cover story. I'm sure there's more to this. Again, I have the best readers. <3 Gonna have a lot of fun catching up on comments tomorrow. Some of you lovely maniacs re-read through the whole story again! Seriously. Every time that happens, it's like Christmas morning.

3 thoughts on “Quite the Assumption

  1. Guilty as charged. (as being a maniac, that is.)

    Dude, you don’t have to respond to my comments, I’m just… …kibitzing.

    ObStoryComment: Ash *did* say Andrew is pretty easy on the eyes…

  2. Man y’all ain’t gotta hide for anyone. This game with the guys is just gonna get everyone hurt if nobody speaks up.

    God it’s been too long since I left a comment. I missed you guys, glad to see the updates rolling in again.

    Apropos of nothing: Pennsylvania is extremely cold this time of year and I don’t know how to be here and survive with this minus 1 to cold.

  3. That “Are you dumping me for him” comment has gotta hurt Ash pretty badly. I don’t think she ever expected she would have hurt Sare like this. This has gotta be a hell of a revelation for her.

    Sare’s also a teeensy bit more possessive than I would have expected, but not enough that it’s out of character– just never talked through the situation before, I guess.

    Oh, Ryan? I usually find most of your comments when I do my next archive-troll, we only hear about the last 5 postings from *everyone*.
    I appreciate them, but sometimes it takes a while to respond.

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