Published On: February 12, 2019

Locked In

Sarah... Is that really how you feel about it? We posted a little early this time around. Why? Well, comic aside, we suddenly got off the wait list for Katsucon, meaning we'll be making an appearance down by D.C. this weekend! Only have a 6-foot table, so space'll be tight, but we'll have the book there, 5 slots of commissions open at a time, and all of the superb stuff that Ari makes. Should be interesting with such short notice. x_x Lots to do, and I accidentally clicked 'publish' instead of schedule for this page. Ah well.  As always, thanks for reading~ <3

2 thoughts on “Locked In

  1. If you have to “make it up to someone”, especially someone you love, it’s time to really think about it a few more times. At this young age it’s best to not do too many things that might get you strangled.

  2. Strangled… is perhaps the best outcome, when compared to how gut-wrenchingly, heart torn, self hating agonised you can feel when you realise that you have really truly screwed up and badly hurt someone who trusted you above anything.

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