Finished version is up!

This is actually a really exciting page for me. See, before I really started rolling out Act 1 and was just re-posting the Min Hua story up here on the website, I had a few false starts on what I wanted to put out. I actually made 20 pages of Act 1 that were totally scrapped and are sitting on my hard-drive for the book. That run includes a second take of what I wanted to show in Sarah’s dream for when Derrick popped up in her room when we first see her. The whole act was originally going to start with that!
That prom artwork? That was originally from page 19 of that batch of twenty that was made back in April 2013! I was thrilled to be able to touch it up, fix the anatomy, update the style a bit (nostrils!) and finally show it to you all. Back then, Amanda was a lanky, super skinny, really pale white girl. You can actually find that character model in some of the older artwork over on the deviantart. I like the new design much better.

Alright! Now for commissions and the next page. It’ll be a bit before our next show, so who knows… maybe I’ll get a page or two ahead!

Original Comments:
Ohayocon and this work week has run me into the ground.
Even with the extra day, I’m only this far. It’s to a shareable point, but missing the textual context.

Fortunately, I’ve got some pretty clever readers. I’m sure some of this will be easy to figure out just from the visuals alone. I hate missing deadlines and better to see the work in progress than a skipped week altogether!

<3 Hope to have the finished version up by this time tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!