Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back!
(Not a dinosaur story… yet.)

Sarah seems to be a little camera shy all the sudden.

End of Convention Season Message:
(The Commission Collage!~)

Manifested Dreams is tuckin’ in until January. Here’s a very small collection of some of the more recent commissions that…
a) Weren’t 18+, which is a shame because some of those are the absolute best physical pieces I’ve ever made.
b) Includes a few 2017 pieces that were near the end of the year that I was kinda proud of (BakuDeku fight and Tsuyu. Hero Academia is best shonen)
c) I actually managed to get a semi-decent quality shot of before handing it off.

What does this mean? No more convention interruptions which should help prevent further interruptions in Mastery’s story progression. It also means we’ll be able to finally get the Manifested Dreams online store back open. That means access to all of Ari’s great plush, candles, pride pillows and the like, but also the nifty Mastery pillow with our four girls, the mini NicoMaki pillows because Love Live is amazing, and the “It’s Not Easy Being Min” prologue book! This also means I can finally chug through the remaining commissions that have kept my anxiety at a fever pitch for what feels like the past couple decades. 

We had a long talk about future plans for the business on the way back from Youmacon. Lots of potential ideas, but ultimately my goal remains the same. Getting this story out there for all of you. Thank you again for your patience. Your comments have done a lot to help kick my anxiety to the curb.

Halloween Message:
(The Halloween Post’s image)

Youmacon in Detroit this weekend.

Last convention of the year.

So, I live in Pittsburgh. Things have been a little crazy. No comic this week and next week’ll I’ll be dropping a collection of some of the better commissions that happened from the show before getting back to Sarah and company. This should be the last break until the holidays, which hopefully won’t be as full-radio-silence as last year’s.