Just one hell of a coincidence. Totally.


So yeah! The main story of Mastery is finally rolling out!

You might not know, but my wife and I travel to anime conventions around the U.S. East coast as the artist alley booth Manifested Dreams. She sells the most adorable hand crochet plush, homemade candles and fandom buttons (that I draw). I spend most of these conventions face-down doing on-site drawing commissions. It’s cool, but pretty exhausting. We just got back from Matsuricon in Ohio and I’ve got a bunch of commissions left over that’ll be getting shipped out as I finish them.

If you’re not already following on Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter… that’d make sense because they’ve pretty dead. That’s going to change though. The main story is running at last and between it and all this art I’ve been making at conventions, I should have a decent bit of content to roll out. Who knows, maybe I’ll even try out talking like a regular human or something. That’d be nifty.